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I wasn't very clear, the 2.7 GB consisted of all the Boohoo stuff and all the uploads from my personal CD collection (20 or so CDs). I have edited the post to better reflect the situation.

The 30 Boohoo songs was nothing.

Someone directed me to isohunt. Interesting.

Start with the assumption that your instinct here is likely the correct one; many DRM schemes self-destruct if they don't get a "no, it's okay, really" message from the mother ship at regular intervals. When maintaining a DRM like that ceases to be profitable, woe betide them what purchased something so "protected".

That said, there's no freakin way 30 free songs represents 2.7 GB of content.

That further said, without knowing the make and model of the MP3 player and the software used to manage the synchronizing, this is difficult to diagnose.

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