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Hi there,

You might be the person I'm looking for to calculate and compare the cost per square whatever of what I believe is the most expensive real estate - the Safe Deposit Box. Although I guess that's technically more of a rental space.

So, Dad had grubs in his cereal, but because he is blind (well only partially back then), he didn't see them and it took him a good half-way through to figure it out. In Africa and other places big fat grubs are eaten with full intention. Personally, I'd rather not.

Anway, as I've mentioned before, I have to go to Ikea - do you want to join me? Remember, I have a van.

Fear not. It was home grown salad, so all I have to do is be more careful when washing.

I'll probably eat more salad today.

I've had that grub thing happen a few times. Once in a steamed artichoke was a steamed grub... and although I dearly love artichokes, I didn't eat one again for a couple of years.

It would be a tragedy not to eat salad for that long.

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