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They were even better in vivo. I want some.

Call when you get back and we'll get together.

We could go to Zakkushi. I'll have asparagus and bacon skewers, and you can have chicken and weird cheese skewers. Not to mention Pooh's Mid-afternoon Snack.

I was there after dark, and they only showed me the inside of the house, really only the living room.

Your mother and J were impressed that the fish didn't hide when I was watching them. The aquariums were beautiful. If I'd known there were aviaries in the yard, I'd have gone outside.

When I was in Venezuela, I saw a flight cage with two tiny monkeys, about the size of beanie babies, in it. I loved them.

Hi, how are you doing?

The birds are beautiful colours. I think they would be wonderful to have about thisCastle.

Still away but I check in to your site every day so thought it was time to say hello. Let's get together in 2 weeks or so.

Take care now

When I was little my grandmother kept finches in a flight cage.

When I was older, my mother had those big aviaries out in our back yard, did you see them when you were there?

Even more recently than that, when I lived in Knowlton there was a woman I met who had a huge family room area with double doors on each side that was exactly a free flying indoor aviary for her finches. It can be done!

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