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Hiding money is a good thing and a bad thing to do. It is very nice to find money that has been hidden. That part is fun. However, when going through the belongings of a money-hider who has passed, well, it is hellish. Especially if that person also has saved a lot of junk. If you are doing the cleaning, the sorting and you know you are dealing with a money-hider, well, there is only one course of action - you have to go through EVERYTHING!!! - every possible little nook and cranny - between every sheet of folded paper, every pocket, . Cause ya never know where the money will be. I know cause I just finished cleaning out the last of my mother's stuff . My mother, a money hider and a junk collector supreme - the real money was taped under a dresser and discovered just before the junkman was about to haul it off - $10,000 in an envelope.

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