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The girl with the short dark hair was me. Or maybe you're refering to Janice B, the sister of Lori B, of the family of 13 kids. Do you remember those huge families?

Families with more than 10 kids were not uncommon in our neighbourhood. Must have been the proximity to Corpus Cristi. Maybe I should insert a joke here about safe sex. Maybe not.

I always thought that of the mean kids, those who attended the Catholic school were the worst.

It must be all that attention and nurturing that the kids in Catholic schools who go home to big families get.


Your analysis of the nurture/nature issue is interesting. Selfish by nature and benevolent through nurture...There could be a good band name in there somewhere.

I think nature divvies (sp?) up personalities for a reason that fits in with the the drive of the evolution of the whole of society. The constants - for example - 1% of humans are schizophrenic and 4% are sociopaths (about 3% plus in Asian countries - this has been explained by, for instance, North America being more the cult of the individual and fostering that extra one percent of ultra-self-serving people.)

There's lots of room for everyone from every segment of this personality stew to surpass their potential or mess up into major evil. Nurture these problem children well for the good of us all.

But, I do believe in bad seeds. I know a female 14 year old who is just that and I've known her from birth - little sociopath who abused animals right from the start. Recently she was, mercifully, scooped up by authorities in a plot with another girl to murder her schoolmates.

Our business and political institutions are run by socipaths to a large extent actually - their ability to climb the ladder, not being bothered by stepping on others, assures them the top dog spot. To me the question is why should we let them drive the world to their selfish ends but that is probably another ramble.

Not brought up religious I never believed in evil but, even though I'm still not religious, I do believe in evil now (now that I'm well into middle-age) .

I remember Linda S. Who was the girl with short dark hair?

i've always seen it as a nature/nurture issue - that human nature is an instinct toward self-preservation, and nurturing determines whether this manifests itself as selfishness or rational generosity (the theory being that self-preservation is easier if your support network is also preserved).

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