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Peter Coyote. How could I have forgotten Mr. Coyote. He never really made it big time as an actor but his voice is all over the place.

Peter Coyote and Alan Rickman have many similarities, to me at least (the same type - voice and looks), and I've always loved them both. His big intelligence is easily apparent if one can catch him being interviewed. Rerun of "The Actors" series perhaps.


The idea of Jeff Goldblum as Studly Nerd has been presented to the members of the Jackson Institute and rejected by a vote of 2 to 1. It was suggested that Mr. Goldblum is a bit too comfortable in distressed black leather to be an effective studly nerd.

Many thanks for your suggestion.


love this! (ever since Janis Claire told me of the Jackson Institute, but this is my first opportunity for a visit)

would Jeff Goldblum qualify?

What about Grissom? The thinking man for sure but studly? Maybe if he shucked the cardigans?

I attended a lecture in Victoria some years ago given by Wade Davis - he's quite lovely. Always loved Alan Rickman and Colbert and Stewart are nightly rejuvination for both info and laughs.

The Jackson Institute is undertaking some important issues and I will keep thinking about this cause it's true - if I'd made good decisions I'd have snatched up one of these guys years ago.

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