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I'm a pseudo-creative, pseudo-literate, pseudo-numerate, pseudo-reclusive, pseudo-human who lives in a pseudo-castle. I lead a small, but interesting, life in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver.


In the Greek pantheon Cassandra barely registered; she was a mortal with whom Apollo was enamoured. To buy her affections he gave her the gift of prophecy, but she rejected him anyway. Unable to remove the gift, Apollo put a curse on her such that people would never believe anything she said.

My chosen role is Cassandra, but my name is not. I know of many girls and women (biological and other) who use the name Cassandra, but I know precious few boys and men (biological and other) who use the name Apollo. So who really won?


Walking, talking, cooking, community work, art, reading, writing, arithmetic, knowledge, curiosity, learning things, aquaria, language, soup, traveling by train, Bach, oddness, Glenn Gould, monkeys